Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bryce is Right

Talk of the 17-year old slugger Bryce Harper is mounting, quickly.
Harper has already transcended his sport, although he has yet to even step onto a Major League field.
His story is simple, yet undisputed: Harper has been groomed from the very beginnings of his life, with his parents grooming him to become a Major League player since he was 4 years of age.
Harper quickly develops mind blowing bat speed, a gun that is able to throw out base runners from his knees, mind speed that was once recorded as Harper stealing home on a pass ball from second base.
The kid is a freak.
Quickly capturing the attention of the media at age 16, he is videotaped at Tropicana Field, hitting balls as far as 510 feet (granted, with a metal bat). Harper instantly becomes the face of the young gun ballplayers that are soon to be drafted.
In his sophomore year in high school, he no longer has any adequate competition. He forgoes his senior year of high school to attend junior college early, giving him a little bit of competition.
Yet here we are, a day away from the 2010 Major League Baseball draft.
What will happen? To be honest, one cannot "predict the future". But there is one surefire thing that will go down in tomorrow's draft: The Washington Nationals will draft the most hyped young star in sports since LeBron James.
All I have to say to the Washington Nationals: Don't mess it up.

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