Friday, May 28, 2010

Brewers: Time to say goodbye to Prince

Personally I find it hard to sit back and watch a team with such great potential regress like the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers have.
[Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Casey MeGehee, and Rickie Weeks], the focal points of the franchise, are producing adequate numbers for the pitching staff to win a fair amount of games. But with the 3rd-worst team ERA in the Majors (5.21), the least amount of quality starts (19), the second most walks (201), and the worst opponent batting average (.289), you might have the feeling that Antanasio will have to force something upon his lacking pitching staff.
Talk around the majors is that Milwaukee slugger Prince Fielder (27) must be either dealt or traded away to get any help to this staff. As reported in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated, Fielder will be looking for a contract within the $200 million, 8-year range. The Brewers can't afford that kind of money.
So what would be the educated guess as to what Antanasio will do with Fielder? No one can be remotely certain, but if Antanasio wants to see this gifted team go far, he will have to part ways with Fielder. Thus trading him to a team for some young prospect pitchers, or a proven pitcher and a moderate slugger.
Speculation, speculation, speculation. That's all that the media does now a days. But hear me out on this: the Brewers need pitching. And at this point, why not entertain the idea? It can only come as a benefit to Brewers fans, as we all try to find some positive reinforcement for this down-trotted pitching staff.
This will happen.

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