Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiger gets back into the "swing" of things

Tiger Woods has been away from golf for roughly 4 1/2 months. He apoligises on national television to millions of his fans and shows his utmost remorse over everything that has transpired. He shows up at the Masters Tournament. He is only 1 stroke off the lead and plays his best round ever through one round. Say what? "Is that possible?", might be the thing you'd be asking yourself right about now, but what are we to be surprised of? After all, it is Tiger Woods -- the greatest golfer of our lifetime.
Its no surprise what he's done --really. We've come to know him as the guy who can make any shot. Almost a a miracle worker, of sorts.
Through 2 rounds, Tiger sits at an unbelievable -6 -- remember this is a man who has, essentially the weight of the world on his hands, and yet he continues to dominate the field.
We as a society should be thankful we have such an athlete to follow and root for, because people with gifts such as Tiger's will not come again.

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