Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Duke won the game, but what will we really take away from the tournament?

April 7th, 2010 -- As I found myself watching what could possibly be called the most suspensefuland self-agonizing game to watch in NCAA tournament history, I failed to realize just what exactly was appearing before my eyes. A mid-major [Butler] contending with possibly the greatest team, with the greatest coach of our era -- [Duke].
It seems to me that this game -- and tournament -- will eventually be remembered not by Duke's prevail, but with Butler's rise. Butler coach Brad Stevens takes his team to the Championship game against Duke and Mike Krzyzewski -- a perennial powerhouse, I might add.
But if there is one thing we will take away from this game, it shouldn't be the fact that Duke, a team that should be in the Final Four every year, won the tournament, and the greatest game ever played, but the fact that Butler played with a team who should've knocked them right off their feet.
No, this game should be, and will be, remembered for what the "little guy" did.
There was no story with Duke, and who really wants a story? Who cares? Its no surprise that they were there, but the hard work and passion of a Butler team that believed in Butler Basketball.
So as far as I, or anyone with a real sense of non-conceitedness is concerned, Butler won the tournament. They also won the memories of us all. 20 years from now, will we be talking about how Duke won their 4th national title, or how Butler nearly shocked the minds of everyone?

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