Monday, June 28, 2010

USA Soccer: Here We Come

Did this really happen? Did the US Soccer team just advance to the knockout-round of the World Cup? Defying all the critics that said they're just not good enough to compete on an international level? Yes, they did.

For the U.S. Soccer team, this triumph over a group compiled with the mighty English, Slovenia, and Algeria is much more than it seems. For the United States, who will come out on top of their group with 5 points, the next step in a seemingly impossible task may be becoming an actual reality.

But do you actually think that this team can win it all? And in the mean time, bringing back something to the United States that was once thought of as a joke, along with downright embarrassing the rest of the world. Gotta love it.

But it's not about embarrassing the rest of the world, its about the US winning yet another event, as if we haven't already won everything there is to be won.

Take into account all the critics saying how much of a joke this team might be. Although they are wrong - one still has to believe that if we can pull this out, then the rest of the world might as well say to themselves, "Man, those damn Americans won our sport? OUR SPORT? The sport that we live and die by? The sport that means everything to us? We give up."

Winning it all is what we want. And with heroic play from Jozey Altidore, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, and Clint Dempsey looming in our minds from the Algeria match, we have to feel pretty confident in our abilities.

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